Recent Exhi­bi­tions

A Ret­ro­spec­tive
City Hall, Mor­gan­ton, North Car­olina
May — June, 2013

20 Vari­a­tions on a Theme
Jail­house Gallery, Burke Arts Coun­cil
Mor­gan­ton, North Car­olina
Octo­ber 7th — Novem­ber 1st, 2013
Recep­tion: Fri­day, Octo­ber 11th, 2013

Encaus­tic Adds a New Dimension

Priscilla has added encaus­tic as a new dimen­sion to her col­lage process. Hav­ing com­pleted an intense 5 day work­shop work­shop in Arrow­mont, Gatlin­burg, North Car­olina, Priscilla is enjoy­ing this unique medium, the chal­lenges it presents, and the new dimen­sions it brings to her work.

Regional Artists Project Grant

Priscilla has applied for and received a North Car­olina State grant through our Burke County Arts Coun­cil. The Regional Artists Project Grant Pro­gram is sup­ported by a grant from the North Car­olina Arsts Coun­cil and is spon­sored locally with match­ing monies from the Hid­den­ite Cen­ter in Alexan­der County, Burke Arts Coun­cil, the Rock School of Valdese, Cald­well Arts Coun­cil, the United Arts Coun­cil of Catawba County, and McDow­ell Arts Coun­cil Association.