About me and my art…

My art­works seem to be best called, “Col­laged Paint­ings.” Still mind­ful of the prin­ci­ples of design, they are part col­lage, part mixed media paint­ings, part con­struc­tions. They are likely to run off in any of these direc­tions, or oth­ers, as the spirit moves them. That spirit expands most suc­cess­fully when it is beau­ti­ful, whim­si­cal, col­or­ful, and rich. These pieces cel­e­brate life in one aspect of it or another, and they seek to cre­ate joy in the heart of the viewer.

I love the Celts, both ancient and early Chris­t­ian. I love their pas­sion, their bal­ance, their urg­ings to cel­e­brate, their under­stand­ings of nature, women, the world around them, and the sym­bol­ism imbed­ded in their folklore.

I love round things: cir­cles, ovals, and sweep­ing curves. The cir­cle is an endur­ing sym­bol found among fem­i­nist themes as well as Celtic lore, and I regard fem­i­nism to be a part of my high­est calling.

I love color, both strong and sub­tle, as it is brought forth by lay­er­ing. Look­ing at a col­lage into its depths through mul­ti­ple trans­par­ent lay­ers is a per­sonal, intro­spec­tive expe­ri­ence. And this is what we are hard-​wired to do with art­works: look into them and find our­selves. What was there once remains. Every­thing is tem­pered by and through its con­text. There is no right or wrong approach to all this, no sin­gle answer to any ques­tion about artists relat­ing to our arts. This one feels most for­tu­nate to have iden­ti­fied her val­ues and to have dis­cov­ered her vehi­cle for express­ing them.

As the Japan­ese Sumi painter says, “There are no mis­takes. Where my brush goes, there am I today. And I am danc­ing in my own landscape.”

For­mal art training:

  • 5 day Encaus­tic work­shop at Arrow­mont, Gatlin­burg, NC
  • 4 day Col­lage work­shop with Jonathan Tal­bot, War­wick NY
  • 2 day Col­lage work­shop with Jonathan Tal­bot, Hick­ory, NC (2013)
  • 60 hours stu­dio art in paint­ing, draw­ing, and ceram­ics, Uni­ver­sity of Texas at Austin
  • 12 hours art his­tory, Uni­ver­sity of Texas at Austin
  • 3 hours life draw­ing, Uni­ver­sity of Texas at San Antonio
  • 3 hours art his­tory, Uni­ver­sity of Texas at San Antonio
  • 3 hours life draw­ing, Evanston Art Cen­ter, Evanston, IL
  • 3 work­shops in paper­mak­ing, acrylic paint­ing, and col­lage at John C. Camp­bell, Brasstown, NC; Arrow­mont, Gatlin­burg, TN, and Fos­coe, NC
  • - work­shops at Jerry’s Artarama, Raleigh, NC
  • - work­shops at Full Cir­cle Arts, Hick­ory, NC

Soci­eties and Organizations

  • National Col­lage Society
  • TheArtsmap​.com, con­nect­ing the Arts, Artists, and the Community
  • Soci­ety of Lay­erists in Multimedia
  • Com­pas­sion & Choices
  • Hick­ory Museum of Art
  • Old Rock School, Valdese
  • Burke Arts Council
  • Full Cir­cle Arts, Hick­ory, NC, Board Member
  • St Mary’s Hall Alumni Asso­ci­a­tion, San Anto­nio, Texas

One-​Person Exhibitions

  • Old Rock School, Valdese, NC
  • MESH Gallery, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Hick­ory Museum of Art, Hick­ory, NC
  • New­ton Conover Civic and Per­for­mance Place, New­ton, NC
  • Urban Art­ware, Win­ston Salem, NC
  • Jail­house Gallery, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Foothills Arts Coun­cil, Elkin, NC

I Have Also Shown My Work At:

  • Root & Vine, Mor­gan­ton, NC (2011)
  • Catawba County Com­mu­nity Col­lege, Shelby, NC (2012)
  • 1550 Gallery, Ker­rville, Texas
  • Valdese Her­itage Arts Center
  • Moun­tain Micro, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Kings Moun­tain Art Cen­ter, Kings Moun­tain, NC
  • Tour d’Art, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • City Hall, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Alsans Stu­dio, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Robin’s Nest, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Old Rock School, Valdese, NC
  • J. Iver­son Rid­dle Devel­op­ment Cen­ter, Mor­gan­ton, NC
  • Path­ways, Shelby, NC
  • Behind the Arts Gallery, Gas­to­nia, NC
  • Uni­ver­sity of Texas, Austin, TX

Freed from con­ven­tion, her art now shines” …Click on the title to read the arti­cle about Priscilla pub­lished in Char­lotte newspaper.