Time For a Break

Time For a Break

This will be the last blog in a while. I’ve been writ­ing to you for a year, and this is the 81st entry. I’m not get­ting a response, even when I ask friends directly for one. So, when some­thing “impor­tant” comes to mind, I’ll get it down; oth­er­wise, I’ll just keep on paint­ing because I’m burnt out talk­ing to myself.

The show at the Art Museum approaches with rea­son­able speed. I’ve made a list with four spaces to check for each of the 24 paint­ings: var­nished, signed, labeled, and wired. At this point, I’m not sure they all have names. I’ve called the show “Images of Thought,” because I think thoughts and ideas look like some­thing as they come into our minds, attach to other ideas, and become entrenched in a con­text. If all this talk about ideas is metaphor­i­cal (as it most be), then why not in images as well as words. That’s the aim, anyway.

I’m var­nish­ing, sign­ing, label­ing, and wiring today, and I will be for the next two weeks. Then I can start wor­ry­ing about what to wear.


2 thoughts on “Time For a Break

  1. Katherine Lee

    Hi Priscilla,
    I am look­ing for­ward to your new series of blogs. I love your writ­ing and I need you to make me think…

  2. ginny conover

    if I weren’t so darn tired I would reply with many many words…you know I have lots of them.…working on a city series and eager to see your fin­ished 20!


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