Nine Weeks, Nine Canvases

Nine Weeks, Nine Canvases

Remark­ably, time has passed since the last entry. I’m down to nine can­vases to go in nine weeks. It’s the kiss of death to think like this, because almost always one invites a stall or dis­as­ter when the gods (or “ill trained labrador”) is tempted.

I think the well of ideas needs to refill from time to time. That’s why, when I’ve fin­ished a huge under­tak­ing, I’ll declare, “Never again. I’m going to quit paint­ing because I’ve learned all there is for me to know, said all I have to say.…” and then begin to assem­ble prob­lems to solve again. Things just have to set­tle before another direc­tion emerges from the dust. I’m fer­vently hop­ing this sense of deple­tion doesn’t occur before the last can­vas for this show is finished.

The mon­sters are safely propped up against a far wall and haven’t man­aged to offend me as yet. Of course, I make it a point not to look at them for fear there will be “some­thing else” I “ought” to do to them. Rea­son tells me that I’ve done the best I could with them and that any addi­tional effort at cor­rec­tion would not only fail to cor­rect any­thing but cause prob­lems that weren’t there.

It threat­ens to snow again today, about the sixth event of the sea­son. Cro­cusses are show­ing in the gar­den, per­haps the clouds will see them and move on.…


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