The Monsters Are Finished!

The Monsters Are Finished!

This is to announce to the world (and I’m hear­ing a fan­fare of trum­pets) that The Mon­sters Are Fin­ished!!! The weight of the world has been taken off my back. The bug­gers just need their edges neat­ened up and var­nish applied, and they’re DONE.

Now I can get to the other nine can­vases remain­ing for the Big Show in May.

Last night we had the fourth snow­fall of the sea­son. I real­ize I shouldn’t com­plain, con­sid­er­ing the hor­ri­ble con­di­tion of our north­east­ern neigh­bors, but I was numb watch­ing it come down. My back can’t take much more time behind a snow shovel, at least in one season.

But never mind: The Mon­sters Are Fin­ished!!! The joy in that over­rides everything!


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