Loving My Work

Loving My Work

It’s been a long time, and I’m sorry about that; but I have been busy, and I want to talk about it.

Long time ago, I read that a mother has to “fall in love” with her new­born. There comes a defin­ing moment fol­low­ing deliv­ery when a mother’s heart fills with love and hap­pi­ness at the sight of her baby, when she knows that this lit­tle scrap of human­ity is truly hers and she’s glad.

I think some­thing sim­i­lar must hap­pen to an artist labor­ing over a can­vas. Sooner or later, I must lit­er­ally fall in love with the thing, must rejoice in its look, must rec­og­nize its turn­ing out the way I’d been hop­ing after all that time of won­der­ing and doubt.

The mon­sters look good to me (no mat­ter how they might appear to any­one else at this point – that’s not impor­tant). I haven’t ruined them, nor am I flop­ping around not know­ing what to try next. They make me smile on the inside. It’s a good day!


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