The Economy

The Economy

When the econ­omy fails, like it has now, I think the arts take the hard­est hit. Real Estate and bank­ing caused this dis­as­ter, but the results for them amount to a lesser need for real estate per­son­nel and bank activ­i­ties. There are still peo­ple get­ting mar­ried who need a place to live, and banks still do a brisk busi­ness in credit cards and house­hold loans. The result for the arts is a total shut down. It’s as if the world is say­ing that we don’t need any­thing con­nected with the arts at all: not art­works, gal­leries, muse­ums, or ser­vices of design­ers. The rest of soci­ety slows down; the arts disappear.

Here’s to those who strug­gle. They were always my favorite com­pan­ions, anyway.


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